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July 25, 2014



Dear Church Family,


I had the joy of greeting the Annual Conference of Karen Baptist Churches in USA last night at our church.  They are here from all over the nation with some even traveling from Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) to attend the meeting.  I was talking with one of the pastors last night and he shared with me that it was 200 years ago in 1814 that Adoniram Judson first stepped foot in his country.  Adoniram Judson is considered to be the “Father of Baptist Missions.”  Interestingly enough, he was first appointed by the Congregational Church to serve as a missionary in India, but on the voyage to that country, he was studying his Bible and he became convinced of the necessity of baptism by immersion.  He therefore resigned his appointment with the Congregationalist and became a Baptist.  He was in the country for six years before he reached his first convert and the work continued slowly until something exciting happened.  Let me quote from The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez.  He writes, “He (Judson) and his wife translated Scripture into Burmese, Thai, and other languages.  They gained few converts, but one of these Ko Tha Byu, later began a movement of mass conversion among his tribe—-the Karens.”  So, now 200 years later we see the fruit of his labor with Karen Churches springing up all over America.  So, we praise God for the work of pioneering missionaries like Adoniram Judson and all the faithful missionaries active today in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.




Pastor Mark