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Dear Church Family,

In his book, “Spirituality for the Rest of Us,” Larry Osborne writes, “In reality, most spiritual growth happens on a haphazard need-to-grow or need-to-know basis.  As life happens, we’re suddenly confronted by the need for personal growth or more biblical information in an area of life that up to now hasn’t seemed all that important.”  He argues that we are all at different places in life and therefore the next class, seminar, or sermon at the church may or may not appeal to us.  However, this forces us to assess where we are spiritually and then seek out ways to grow in the areas where we are lacking.  I like his approach because it forces us to understand that I am responsible for my spiritual growth.  I can’t blame someone else if  I’m not reading my Bible.  I can’t blame someone else if I’m not praying.  I have a responsibility as a follower of Jesus Christ to help the relationship grow and develop.  So, my prayer for 2015 is that as God reveals to us areas where we need more personal growth, or areas where we need more biblical information that we will take the initiative to do what it takes to grow in these areas.



Pastor Mark